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What is LOST BAG TAG?  

Allow us to explain a little more about what Lost Bag Tag does.

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Lost Bag Tag is a set of personal asset tags and stickers that you can fix to bags, cases, books, laptops, MP3 players or any other item you would like returned to you, in the event you lose it.  

Each bag tag has a unique Tag ID number and each device sticker has space for you to enter your Tag ID number by hand.  Device stickers may be put on items with a stable surface and are not limited to just electronic devices but could be put on books, folders, boxes, tools, fans, etc… the possibilities are endless.  Tags and stickers work in conjunction with an online “profile”.  Your purchase includes the first years subscription, then afterwards your subscription will be moved on to a monthly rolling subscription.

When you receive your tags, all you need to do is register them via this site, by clicking on REGISTER TAGS.  You will be prompted to create a login and fill out the details that make your“online profile”.  It literally takes minutes and then you are ready to attach your tags and stickers.

You may log in to your profile via the TAG OWNERS LOGIN at any time and you can show, hide, update and edit your details as you wish.

We also supply you with a steel cable fixing loops for you to secure your tags to your items.  The fixing loops are secure yet removable and can be transferred from bag to bag as you wish.  So if you change or swap bags around, you can easily swap the tags over too (but not to other people).

As a thank you for choosing Lost Bag Tag we will also provide you as a good will gesture, 5 phone alert messages completely free.  When you create your online profile, we will credit 5 phone alerts to your online account.  You don’t have to do anything else.  If you want more, you may purchase more at sign up and also within the tag owners login.  (We reserve the right to re-title “Phone alerts” however the definition and function remain the same).

In the event you lose your item, for example a bag and someone finds it, the finder will be directed to the FOUND A BAG page on our website. There they can enter your Tag ID number and view your online profile and see the instructions and contact information you supplied.  At the bottom of your profile there is a SEND MESSAGE button. This button will open a text message box and allow the finder to send you a short message and arrange recovery with you.

Our tags and stickers are QR coded and have our website details on them, making it easy for the finder to be able to use our system.  The finder can either enter the URL manually or scan the QR code with a mobile device.  Each set of tags are uniquely coded.  This code is required by the finder to access your online profile, finder instructions and to use the optional send message feature.

Lost Bag Tag phone alert messaging is an optional function we offer.  Access to your Lost Bag Tag public profile and finder instructions will still work even if you have no message alert credits.  The finder of your item can still access your public profile and make contact with you from the details you leave there. There is no obligation to use the messaging system.

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